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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

Creative Kokeshi in Illustrations

Kokeshi Part Two

As mentioned in my previous blog, I’m really inspired by the creative kokeshi winners. These artists break free from the typical, traditional kokeshi mold; and with unrestrained imagination, they create many unconventional kokeshi dolls. Each doll has such strong emanation of its own individual spirit.

Sekiguchi Sansaku (関口三作) and his daughter, Izumi Oki (沖いづみ) are my favorites. Just by looking at their dolls, one can sense the artists’ childlike playfulness as well as their strict pursuit of beauty and artistry through simplicity. I’m pretty sure that they had lots of fun while trying to express their theme on the dolls.

Anyway, here are my kokeshi-inspired illustrations. Boy, I had lots of fun creating them! ^_^ Hope you like them.

Dotted Bikini Kokeshi
Bad Ghost Kokeshi
Princess Phobia Kokeshi
Exotic Pet Kokeshi
Hope Kokeshi
Pomelo Head Kokeshi
Melon Head Kokeshi

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Usaburo – An English/Japanese site selling Kokeshi dolls. Include a museum of Creative kokeshi and lots of pictures.


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