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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

Etegami – Picture Postcard

Etegami (絵手紙) is postcard art. Even with simple calligraphy and drawings, the picture postcards are very rich in Japanese culture; they usually depict Japan’s seasons, festivals, lifestyles, activities, and other uniquely Japanese stuffs.

Despite a modernized and hi tech lifestyle, Japanese customarily paused to make an etegami to send greetings to their friends and love ones. Though the message is relatively short, the time, effort and personal touch supersede any quick phone calls, brief emails or e-cards. A title of an etegami book best sum it all – “One etegami, ten times the happiness gained.”

The theme and style of an etegami is entirely up to one’s creativity. It can be done in any medium, but watercolor and ink being the most common. And You don’t have to be an art expert to create picture postcard. In fact, with etegami, the more clumsy and childlike the artwork is, the more interesting it looks. In my opinion, a simple drawing with an interesting composition is far better than a complicating picture. Less is More!

I did these picture postcards few years ago… (Hmm, may have some Japanese errors ^_^)

(Question: What type of flower am I?)

(Answer: The natural bug-killer type.)

(Drops of tears save lives)

(Cultivate lives in tears)

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