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DIY iPad Car Headrest Holder

Yesterday, as part of Obon (お盆), we went to Ibaraki to visit my MIL’s relatives as well as Ohaka Mairi (お墓参り/ Family Grave Visitation). Since I got an iPad lately, we thought of using it to entertain our one-year-old with music videos for this short road trip.

As my iPad was protected with Griffin’s thick and bulky “Survivor” case, we had a hard time finding a suitable car mount for it. So I decided to make one ourselves. Yeah, Super-Mummy to the rescue (with the help of Super-Daddy). And, here is the run-through of our little DIY action:

The materials I used were 2 packets of elastic tapes (30mm wide/ 1m each);
2 pcs of D-rings; and a wood block. Total under 350 yen! ^_^b

iPad Car MountAfter making sure the measurements are right,
I cut the elastic tape accordingly and began my sewing.

iPad handmadeDIY iPad Car HolderTa-dah! Our very own iPad car headrest holder, and costed less than 350-yen.

iPad Car Mount SideSide View: Showing no obstruction and iPad charging port.
We also added non-slip mat in between the ipad and headrest for extra caution.

Our verdict: The iPad survived the car trip but our little guy fell asleep
after the iPad played for less than half an hour. LOL!


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7 comments on “DIY iPad Car Headrest Holder

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  2. c123
    May 23, 2012

    Just what I was looking for… Now to see if the OH wants to have a go at making it. Thanks for sharing.

    • blackcabbit
      May 23, 2012

      Thank you. ^_^

  3. gee
    May 19, 2012

    heey buddy great idea, and thanks for sharing it !!! now hands on it

    • blackcabbit
      May 19, 2012

      You are most welcome! ^_^Y

  4. Kim
    November 10, 2011

    That is freaking brilliant. I’m going to show this to my husband and see if he can rig something like this for his Toshiba tablet.

    • blackcabbit
      November 10, 2011

      Thank you! *^_^* (blushing)

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