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My Nesting Instinct & My First Garage Sale Event

Have you been wondering why I haven’t been blogging much lately? Well, it is time to share my secret…

I’m 34th-week pregnant and is blessed with a baby girl. I’m scheduled for my C-sect end of November at the same hospital. (Do pray along with me that it will be NOT be like my previous hospital experience.) >_<”

Unlike my first pregnancy, my nesting instinct this round was extremely aggressive! For the mothers out there, you may know what I’m talking about. It is a sudden burst of energy, a frenzy compulsion to clean and organize the house to get ready for her baby’s arrival during one’s mid to late pregnancy. This time, it is not just for the honey bun in my oven but also for her big brother who has recently outgrown the baby crib.

I wanted to “empty” our bedroom so that we can have our existing semi-double bed, the old baby crib, and still squeeze in a new double-size sofa bed (which folds up and free the floorspace during the day). I involved the whole family (seven of us under one roof). We rearranged furnitures, cleaned out the clutters, organized a two-day garage sale and sold the rest of the stuffs to recycling centers. Enough to keep us busy for the whole month!

Yard sale poster

This is the first time I designed a poster in Japanese.
Of which, we distributed around our neighborhood.

Yard sale

Before the crowd comes…

Garage sale

My husband & I made slightly over a total of 3K Yen (aprox. S$500) for the weekends, despite of bad weather on Sunday. (I think my MIL earn more by selling kitchen stuffs LOL). Anyway, now we have more space and best of all, our new double-size sofa bed (i.e. 1.3K Yen) paid for. GOD is our Jehovah Jireh! ^_^b

Oh, I did have a fun time meeting our neighbors. (Before, I totally couldn’t recognize faces/names despite of staying here for 3 years!!!) They are so nice! And they let me practice my terrible Japanese on them and still praised me for it. LOL! I think garage sale is going to be an annual family event for us.


4 comments on “My Nesting Instinct & My First Garage Sale Event

  1. Hannah
    November 4, 2012

    PTL! Amen! Happy for you! Congrats my dear friend! (:

    • blackcabbit
      November 4, 2012

      Thank you so much my dearest friend! ((Big squeezy hug))

  2. Blackgodzilla
    November 1, 2012

    Omidetou Gozaimasu! Akachan\(^O^)/
    I was wondering what happened to you, but this is great news to hear. Wish I was back home for the yard sale, I have been trying to find that Final Fantasy art book for years. (LOL, joking)

    We do something similiar ourselves, my wife has a lot of friends in the Mother’s group in the area and they are always looking to buy up baby cloths and equipment. The rest of it we take to the Hard Off! Book Off! store down the street.

    Me and my wifey are going to try for another baby, when I get back. Four years of shore time coming up in a couple months. (^^)/▽☆▽\(^^)

    I’ll praying for you to have a safe birth and pleasant hospital experience.

    • blackcabbit
      November 2, 2012

      Arigato, Blackgodzilla! Congrats on the four-year shore time coming soon, must be the greatest delight for your wife and kid.

      Most of the stuffs we had for the garage sale belong to my husband’s treasure stash, which he kept for years. It really shows me how much love he has for us when he decided to part with them just like that in order to make space for the kids and me. Though he “frown” an awful lot when he pasted price tags on them LOL. ^_^

      Oh, I love shopping in Book Off and Off House but guess now, I got to go easy on shopping just in case the cluster (space-issues) is back to haunt us again. :P

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