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DIY Projects for my Pre-schooler 4: Sling Bag

Sling BagHere is a Sling bag (aka. Messenger bag) I made for my three-year-old, four months ago. In Japan, this type of school bag is more commonly known as a Shorudā Baggu (ショルダーバッグ / Shoulder Bag), and it is used on days without his Bento (lunchbox).

Okay, without further ado, let me share with you how I DIY-ed the bag:

Part 01 – The Main Part of the Bag

Bag TutorialThe main part of the bag was made up of: (A) 2 pieces of vehicle-patterned fabrics; (B) 2 pieces of polyester battings; and (C) 2 pieces of plain blue fabrics. All pieces measured 18 x 24 cm, with 1-cm seam allowances on all sides.

Handmade BagI wanted the bag to have round corners. So, I used my hubby’s saving coin can to achieve that.

Handmade BagAfter I cut the corners of the fabrics (i.e. A & C), I used zigzag seam to stop raw edges from fraying. Then, I “quilted” (B) to (C), and trimmed off the extra batting.

Part 02 – The Outer Pocket

Bag Pocket(D) is a Printable Cotton, which measured 15.5 x 24 cm, featuring an illustration I did for my son. I also created the name label.  (Click here to know more). The Batting (E) & Patterned Fabric (F) both measures 14.5 x 24 cm.

Printable Cotton In contrast to the main body, the pocket has only two sets of round corners. After I cut the lower corners of the fabrics (i.e. D & F), I used zigzag seam to stop raw edges from fraying. Then, I “quilted” (E) to (F), and trimmed off the extra batting.

Handmade BagI aligned the lower parts of the pockets. Folded the extra fabric of D over E+F. Machined the double-fold with matching thread. Sewed the rest of DEF together.

Children BagThen I attached the pocket & name label to the exterior front of the main body.

Part 03 – Attachment of Zipper & D-rings

Zipper(G) 2 pieces of 9 x 32 cm patterned fabrics, where the 30-cm zipper would be attached to.
(H) A bottom piece that measured 18 x 42 cm.
Then, I folded all the fabric pieces according to the folding line.

Sewing ZipperTo help me to sew closely to the zipper, I used double-sided tapes (meant for fabric) to hold it in place while machine-stitched with a zipper foot (Kawaguchi brand). I also sewed the zipper on the wrong side to secure it further.

Sewing D-ring(G) Finished attaching the zipper to the two pieces.
(H) was folded in half.
(I) Steps to attach the two D-rings (3 cm).
1. I cut a 8 x 14 cm blue fabric. Folded it into half.
2. Folded the two sides 1 cm inwards, and sewed a 0.5 cm seam over to close them.
3. Cut the fabric stripe half.
4. Inserted a fabric stripe into one D-ring.
5. Sew closely to the D-ring.
Repeat step 4 & 5 for second D-ring set.

Bag Accessories6. This is how I placed one of the D-ring set on top of both (G) & (H). Once again, I used double-side tapes (meant for fabric) here.
7. It was too thick to machine stitch the layers (i.e. D-ring stripe +G +H), so I had to hand-sew with the help of a thimble.
8. Here is how it looked on the right side.
9. I repeated the steps with my mighty needle and thimble.
10 & 11. This part of the bag’s DONE!

Part 04 – Putting It Together

Sling Bag DIYNext, I joined the top parts of main body to the Zipper D-ring set.
IMPORTANT: Unzip slightly from this point onwards.
Messenger BagWorking with the bag inside out, I hand-sewed the rest of the edges together (i.e. main body with the Zipper + D-ring set). Then I neaten the edges with a 20mm cotton tape before inverting the bag back to its exterior.

Part 05 – Adding An Adjustable Strap

Cotton Webbing Tape(J) I used a 3 cm wide, 110 cm long navy blue cotton webbing tapes to make the adjustable shoulder strap. And the picture below will show how I threaded the strap through the D-rings and Bar Slide Buckle.

DIY bag

Yatta! (やった)

Shoulder BagOkay, it’s done! And I can tell that my son loves it ^_^Y

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2 comments on “DIY Projects for my Pre-schooler 4: Sling Bag

  1. Min
    August 20, 2013

    This is adorable! Do you take commissions? Hahaha

    • blackcabbit
      August 21, 2013

      Thank you so much, Min. Glad you love it. ^_^

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