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A Splashing Time at Teganuma Aquatic Park

Last Saturday, we bought Fireball to Teganuma Shinsui Hiroba (手賀沼親水広場 / Teganuma Aquatic Park), which is located in Abiko City (我孫子市), northern part of Chiba Prefecture. They have a wonderful Mizuno Hiroba (水の広場) that never fail to thrill my three-year old. It is definitely a great place to spend time with small children!

Wet Play Area

The wet play area has many gadgets for little children to explore. For instance, the ultimate Mizudeppo (水鉄砲 / water squirt gun), Water wheels, etc…


Moving water with the Archimedes’ Screw Pumps (アルキメデスのポンプ )

Opening hours:
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
9:00 am to 5:00 pm (in June, July & August)
Usually close on Mondays
Please check the official website for closing dates.

Admission Fee

Car Park
Main Parking Area (第1駐車場): 23 car spaces / Free
Second Parking Area (第2駐車場): 77 car spaces / Free

See access to Teganuma Aquatic Park here (in Japanese).
Alternatively, you may want to check out the nearby Abiko City Museum of Birds’ website, since they have more details (i.e. bus schedules, train directions etc) on their access page (in Japanese too).

Abiko City Museum of Birds

Water Museum (水の館)

Abiko Water MuseumThe Water Museum is the main building next to the Mizuno Hiroba. It is a place dedicated to research and purification effort to improve pollution & water quality. It aims to increase public knowledge via interactive exhibitions, informative events, and even conducts cruise & guided tour on Teganuma Lake.
Click here to see ongoing Events/Exhibitions.

3D theater

Fantasy View Theater (ファンタビューシアター) featuring an eco conversation
between a Koi and a Zarigani (Clayfish).

Many fish tanks big & small, displaying living creatures staying in Teganuma Lake.

Many fish tanks big & small, containing living creatures from Teganuma Lake.

Planetarium (プラネタリウム室 )

The planetarium is located on the third floor of the Water Museum. Every show is free, runs about 25-40 mins. Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis; to a maximum capacity of 50 people. Since it is impossible for my bubbly three-year old to sit still, we did not check out the program they were showing. What a pity!
Check out the Program showing & Time schedules here.

Viewing Platform (展望室)

The Water Museum’s viewing platform is 25-meter tall, which allows you to see Fujisan and Tokyo Skytree. For us, we did not see either one because it was not a clear day despite of good weather. Nonetheless, the view below was not bad at all. You can see a roll of cute scarecrows along the side, Chiba-kun (Chiba’s Mascot) and “Abiko ♡”.Teganuma Viewing

A Splashing Brooklet じゃぶじゃぶ池

Splashing PondIn the Teganuma Aquatic Park, there is a shallow, natural stream of fresh water, where children are allowed to explore. However, there wasn’t any children in sight, all of them were having a great time at the Mizuno Hiroba (see above). Even so, it has become a popular wadding pool for birds. Great place for bird watching.

Lake Teganuma

Teganuma Aquatic ParkIn 1970s, due to its poor water quality, Lake Teganuma was known to be the dirtiest lake in Japan. To date, it has improve slightly, and has become the SECOND DIRTIEST lake in the country LOL! Still, it is a great sightseeing & recreational spot for all seasons.

Nearby Attractions

Abiko City Museum of Birds(1) Abiko City Museum of Birds is just walking distance away. You can see from it from the Mizuno Hiroba.
Paid Fishing Pond(2) Picture of a Pond Fishing (小川園), taken from the Water Museum’s viewing platform.
(3) Teganuma Park, which we have plan to visit when the summer heat comes to an end.


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