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A Magical Day at Disneyland with My Little Ones

Finally, Natsu Yasumi (夏休み/summer holiday) is ending this week for Fireball, my three-year old. He has been staying indoor most days. So, in order to make it up for him, we brought him to Tokyo Disneyland Park on Monday.Disneyland Japan

Honestly, I am not a big fan of theme parks because of three reasons. One, I am too “chicken-hearted” so thrill rides scare me easy. Two, I don’t like crowded places and long queues, they make me whinny. Three, I will really MELT under the intense summer heat, and I’m pretty sure that it will make my 8-month old baby super fussy too. Before we went, I pictured myself pretty much stuck in the baby centers to get away from the dreadful humidity.

Furthermore, many attractions for small children have this “small print” on the official website: “Guests who cannot maintain a stable sitting position alone in a moving vehicle may not ride. You may not hold your child on your lap.” Knowing Fireball, this was particularly unnerving and definitely limiting most rides for him. So, it was no wonder that I went with a heavy heart…

Tokyo Disneyland Special Events

Disney Natsu Matsuri At this time of the year, Disneyland is having their Natsu Matsuri (Japanese-style summer festival) from July 8 to 2 September 2013. Of which, there is a dance competition among the Disney characters and their teams, staged around Cinderalla castle, blasting off lively Japanese-themed music with pulsating dance beat, water splashes everywhere to tease and cool the crowd.

Disneyland ParadeTokyo Disney Resort is also having a yearlong cerebration, called The Happiness Year. It is an event that marks its 30th anniversary since Disneyland Park was first opened on 15th April 1983 in Japan. They adorn colorful “Happiness Balloons” around the main entrance, World Bazaar and Central Plaza, and host a spectacular “Happiness is Here” Parade.

Great family time together!

Disneyland JapanDisneyland was crowded despite being a Monday. FastPass tickets were completely gone, queues were never-ending, and waiting times could easily be over an hour at popular attractions. We had no choice but to skip so many of them.

Fortunately, things kept getting better and better. God blessed us with a fantastic weather, with lots of cool wind and the clouds shading us the whole day! Best of all, Baby & I could join the rest of family on most easy-ride attractions.

Tokyo Disneyland

Even with the baby, we were able to ride the Mark Twain Riverboat,
Western River Railroad and Jungle Cruise.

Attractions for small children

Fireball seemed particularly thrilled with the rides
at Castle Carrousel and “It’s A Small World”.

Click on picture to see the Japanese section in the It's a Small World at Tokyo Disneyland, featuring part of the song 小さな世界 (with lyrics), which is the Japanese version of It's a small world.

Click on picture to see video link, 
featuring part of the song 小さな世界 (with lyrics).

Tokyo Disneyland

The Grizzlies at Country Bear Theater were putting on an un-bear-ably
hilarious musical, pretty entertaining to my three-year old.

Time to go…

Disneyland NightDisneyland AnniversaryIndeed, it turned out to be a magical family holiday that we truly enjoyed. We could tell that Fireball had a blasting good time. He dozed off on our way to the restaurant and was impossible to wake him up for his favorite sushi dinner. b^_^d


2 comments on “A Magical Day at Disneyland with My Little Ones

  1. lmjapan
    August 29, 2013

    I love how Tokyo Disney Resort is always adopting some theme for their parks. When I went last year it was Easter Wonderland and Spring Voyage. I’ll be back there in October and I’m hoping it’ll be a Halloween theme!

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