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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

Christmas Snowman Wrapper

Yeah, Christmas Day (my favorite holiday) is just round the corner. To welcome the season of giving, I decided to spread good joy by handing out chocolates to Fireball’s classmates and teachers. I stumbled upon this really cute idea of Snowmen Hershey Bar Wrappers from Kerry’s Paper Crafts.

However, I was not able to find any Hershey chocolate bar in my neighborhood. So, I decided to improvise. I drew my own snowman illustration and made an A4 printable template to fit a Lotte Ghana chocolate bar. (Approx. 155x65mm)

Christmas Chocolate Bar Wrapper

To download the template: Click on the above image to go to its media file link.
Right-click and “Save Image As…” For Non-Commercial Use Only.

Snowmen in making…

Snowman Christmas WrapperThis is what I used: Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate, bells, ribbons (or embroidery floss) and fleece fabric. I was making 46 snowmen yet I used only three pieces of these fleece blankets (60x80cm) and they only cost ¥105 each! Oh, I love 100-Yen stores!

How to use the A4 Snowman Wrapper Template:

SSnowmen wrapper printable(a) Place the bar along the lines and wrapped. (b) Apply glue tape or glue stick at the edge. I do not recommend watery glue because it will cost the paper to wrinkle. (c) Push the bar until it reaches the top end of the paper, then double-fold the bottom end.
Christmas Chocolate BarNext… Cutting and sewing cute beanie hats (and neck warmers) for the chocolate snowmen: I placed the chocolate bar on the fleece (double-folded) and cut an allowance of 2mm. (Note: Don’t give too much allowance because fleece tends to stretch a lot and you may end up with really big hats.)
Handmade with FleeceI finished the seams with a zigzag seam. Then, I turned the fabric inside out.
Christmas ChocolateHere is how I made the beanie hats for the snowmen. Initially, I wanted to use my pretty gold ribbon to attach the bell onto the hat, but then I realized that the embroidery thread was better at the job. I also used strong double-sided tape to prevent the fleece from slipping out of place.Christmas Snowman giftI double fold the beanie, tied the bell, cut about 3cm, cut stripes, and gently pull the stripes to curl it slightly. From the same fabric tube, I cut and attached a “neck warmer” to the little fellow. Done!

Let’s snowball…

Snowman chocolate barSnowman Candy WrapperI also use my snowman illustration to wrap up these “Ramune” tube candy by Kabaya.

More Freebies…

Christmas Candy WrapperSnowman IllustrationHere are two versions of the snowman clip art. One with pine trees, one without. As long as they are for personal use, feel free to use them and make your own wrapper for candy of all sizes. Blessed Christmas to you!


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