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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

One DIY Christmas Ornament a Month – 02 Pinecone Porcupine

Christmas dollIntroducing Piney the Porcupine (side view). If you have read my previous post (Red Pinecone Dolly), you will know that this is going to be my epic project for my future Christmas tree. :P Okay here is how I put Piney together…

Sewing the Head

Chirimen porcupine1. I folded a squarish chirimen fabric diagonally (a).
Then I sewed according to the line (b).
2. Added small amount of stuffing.
3. Sewed the “nose” with pink embroidery thread.
4. Back view of the head.
5. Added small black beads as eyes for Piney.

Adding the Ears

Handmade Animal doll1. I used two colors for the ears (Pink and Cream).
2. Sewed the pink with the cream fabric and inverted it.
3. Sewed the cream fabric together like this to make the ears look cuter.
4. Arranged and sewed the ears to the head.

Adding color to the cheeks

Christmas CraftI was very pleased with Piney’s rosy cheeks, which I colored with a wax crayon (color pencils will work fine too). So, I decided to touch up Dolly too.

Cutting and Painting the Pinecone

Christmas PineconeMy pinecones were baked before I used them for crafts. Here is how I baked my pinecones. Prior to painting the pinecone, I trimmed off the scales where the head should be.
Christmas CraftI used white acrylic for Piney’s belly. Reddish brown for the rest of his body.

Putting the parts together

Christmas HandmadeI added a red scarf (which was fabric left over from my Snowmen project) and a bell, to give Piney a Christmas look.

Christmas tree decorThen, I glued the head to the pine cone. A tooth pick is useful to apply glue, to further attach and to hide the fabric edges well into the pinecone.

Christmas tutorialFor the final touch, I added hands for Piney.

Piney the pinecone porcupine enjoying the cool winter air!Christmas Pinecone Craft

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