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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

One DIY Christmas Ornament a Month – 03 Pinecone Bunny

Usagi ChirimenIntroducing Bunny, this cutie is my third DIY decoration for my future Christmas Tree. Want to know how to make a chirimen pinecone rabbit? Okay step by step, here we go!

Sewing the Head

Chirimen tutorial1. For Bunny’s head, I used a piece of Chirimen (縮緬 / crepe fabric),
which measured 8×4 cm.
2. I folded it into halves, sewed along the red line,
left a small opening and flipped it inside out.
3. I stuffed in polyester fibers using a curved tweezer,
a bit at a time until I was happy with the shape.
4. Then, I left the opening unstitched (easier to glue the head to the pinecone later).

Chirimen bunnyI used pink embroidery floss to make Bunny’s nose. A red wax crayon to color her cheeks. Red floss for her whiskers, mouth, and to attach black beads as eyes.

Adding the Ears

Making Bunny doll1. Like her predecessors (Dolly & Piney), I used my leftover Christmas fleece.
I cut them same sizes (14 x 2.5 cm each) as the white chirimen for her ears.
2. After I sewed along the red line and trimmed off the extra fabrics,
I flipped them inside out.
3. Sewing the white chirimen together at the lower ends,
made the ears cuter (in my opinion) :P

Handmade bunnyThis is how the ears were attached to the head.

Bunny dollA bell was attached on the top, in between the ears.

Adding a Rounded Scarf

Chirimen pinecone1. I used a piece of 17×5 cm floral chirimen.
I folded it into halves (on the right side of the fabric),
and sewed through the frayed side loosely with piece of thread.
2. Here is the fun part… I gave the string a pull and gathered the fabrics together.
3. I inserted one end to the other, and sewed them up.
Viola, a sweet round scarf for Bunny!

Painting the Pinecone

Painted PineconeMy pinecones were baked before I used them for crafts. Here is how I baked my pinecones. I wanted the colors to be vibrant in this project, so I used white acrylic as a base paint. Once it was completely dry, I added red acrylic.

Putting the parts together

Pinecone rabbit

Painted pine coneI added a string (21.5cm long) to the pine cone.

Pinecone craftI glued the round scarf onto the pinecone first before I broke off the unwanted scales. Then, I glued Bunny’s head onto the tip of the pinecone.

Rabbit DollI used a small white fluffy pompom ball for Bunny’s tail.

Adding the Hands

Chirimen dollI used two pieces of 4x5cm chirimen for Bunny’s arms. Like the ears, I trimmed off the excess fabrics after I sewed along the red line and inverted them inside out.

Pinecone bunnyThis was how I attached Bunny’s arms. A tooth pick is useful to apply glue, to further attach and to hide the fabric edges well into the pinecone. After I sewed her hands together, she is good to go!

Bunny the Pinecone Rabbit…

Christmas Bunny…doing a Marilyn Monroe’s impression!

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