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One DIY Christmas Ornament a Month – 03 Pinecone Bunny

Usagi ChirimenIntroducing Bunny, this cutie is my third DIY decoration for my future Christmas Tree. Want to know how to make a chirimen pinecone rabbit? Okay step by step, here we go!

Sewing the Head

Chirimen tutorial1. For Bunny’s head, I used a piece of Chirimen (縮緬 / crepe fabric),
which measured 8×4 cm.
2. I folded it into halves, sewed along the red line,
left a small opening and flipped it inside out.
3. I stuffed in polyester fibers using a curved tweezer,
a bit at a time until I was happy with the shape.
4. Then, I left the opening unstitched (easier to glue the head to the pinecone later).

Chirimen bunnyI used pink embroidery floss to make Bunny’s nose. A red wax crayon to color her cheeks. Red floss for her whiskers, mouth, and to attach black beads as eyes.

Adding the Ears

Making Bunny doll1. Like her predecessors (Dolly & Piney), I used my leftover Christmas fleece.
I cut them same sizes (14 x 2.5 cm each) as the white chirimen for her ears.
2. After I sewed along the red line and trimmed off the extra fabrics,
I flipped them inside out.
3. Sewing the white chirimen together at the lower ends,
made the ears cuter (in my opinion) :P

Handmade bunnyThis is how the ears were attached to the head.

Bunny dollA bell was attached on the top, in between the ears.

Adding a Rounded Scarf

Chirimen pinecone1. I used a piece of 17×5 cm floral chirimen.
I folded it into halves (on the right side of the fabric),
and sewed through the frayed side loosely with piece of thread.
2. Here is the fun part… I gave the string a pull and gathered the fabrics together.
3. I inserted one end to the other, and sewed them up.
Viola, a sweet round scarf for Bunny!

Painting the Pinecone

Painted PineconeMy pinecones were baked before I used them for crafts. Here is how I baked my pinecones. I wanted the colors to be vibrant in this project, so I used white acrylic as a base paint. Once it was completely dry, I added red acrylic.

Putting the parts together

Pinecone rabbit

Painted pine coneI added a string (21.5cm long) to the pine cone.

Pinecone craftI glued the round scarf onto the pinecone first before I broke off the unwanted scales. Then, I glued Bunny’s head onto the tip of the pinecone.

Rabbit DollI used a small white fluffy pompom ball for Bunny’s tail.

Adding the Hands

Chirimen dollI used two pieces of 4x5cm chirimen for Bunny’s arms. Like the ears, I trimmed off the excess fabrics after I sewed along the red line and inverted them inside out.

Pinecone bunnyThis was how I attached Bunny’s arms. A tooth pick is useful to apply glue, to further attach and to hide the fabric edges well into the pinecone. After I sewed her hands together, she is good to go!

Bunny the Pinecone Rabbit…

Christmas Bunny…doing a Marilyn Monroe’s impression!

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