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A Riding Experience at Yukari Traffic Park

Yukari koutsuu kouenLast Saturday, we brought Fireball and his baby sister to Yukari Kotsu Koen (ユーカリ交通公園), which is a traffic park for children, in Matsudo City (Chiba). The road safety park has its own traffic lights, a crossroad, a tunnel bridge and a railway crossing. Staffs are standing around to enforce speed limit and other traffic rules. Parents are also encouraged to take on active role, to provide additional guidance as they supervise their children.ユーカリ交通公園They have 108 bicycles and 36 pedal Go-karts to go around, which is not a lot because the park is usually packed on weekends. So we purposely chose that Saturday to go as we suspected that most Japanese families will be heading to the nearby Tokiwadaira Sakura Matsuri for Hanami (花見/Flower viewing). And we could be right, for there were no queue at all. Yipee!

Our four-year-old was too small to ride the Go-kart on his own. His legs couldn’t reach the pedals. So they gave him a pedal-less one, and daddy had to push the car for him. It was fun at first, but our little man soon wanted to move around on his own. So daddy exchanged the go-kart for a bicycle (with training wheels). Boy, Fireball sure enjoyed cycling! We are planning to let him learn to ride a bicycle after a couple more trips to the park, for they have a practice area for that.

Yukari traffic park

A section of Fumikiri (踏切/Railway crossing) for the children to practice stopping.

Park Information & Other Attractions

Yukari kotsu koen

Opening hours:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Rental of Bicycles & Go-karts: 9 am – 12 pm & 1 pm – 4 pm)
Closing Days: 29th Dec to 3rd Jan

Special Note:
– Must wear proper sport shoes during rides. (No sandals allowed)
– Not allowed to bring own bicycle/tricycle etc.
– No pets allowed.
– No ball games allowed.
– Please obey staffs’ instructions.
Please check website for more information

Admission Fee / Car Park


Yukari kotsu Koen

Battery Car Course (バッテリーカーコース)

Yukari Kotsu KoenDo you know what is awesome about the Yukari park? There is NO Entrance fee, NO charges for car park and best of all, they let you ride on their battery-powered cars for FREE and for as many time as you like but on ONE condition. Children (not adults) are supposed to collect a token, which is used to operate the car, from a staff behind a small counter, and they have to learn to request for it politely. (Isn’t this an adorable rule.)

Once the token is inserted, the battery operated car will move if you press the pedal down. However, the ride is really brief (especially with an adult riding along). So you will see many kids running back and forth to the counter, begging for tokens (LOL). Anyway, I managed to ride with my one-year-old for a couple of times. I think I had more fun than her.

Steam Locomotive (D-51)

D51405This historical steam locomotive, built in 1940, was able to travel through heavy snow areas. Interestingly, Wikipedia had a comprehensive list of all D-51 models’ whereabouts as static preservations.

Other Models

This old helicopter (S-26) was used by Maritime Self Defense Forces for rescue missions until May, 1981. Also in display, is a fire engine, patrol car, and an ambulance.

After a fun-filled morning at the traffic park, we decided not to waste the beautiful day. So, we went to Misato Park at Saitama Prefecture for another adventure!

4 comments on “A Riding Experience at Yukari Traffic Park

  1. Min
    April 8, 2014

    Fun! It also looks more sophisticated than the one in Singapore wor (which has sadly closed).

    • blackcabbit
      April 8, 2014

      Eh, closed already?!! I have rather fond memories of the Road safety park, even though my teacher made me a boring pedestrian. LOL

      • Min
        April 9, 2014

        I was a driver in the go-kart once. I had an accident at the intersection just as I was exiting the ‘parking space’. Might have broke a record for fastest demerit point…

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