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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

Conquering a Pirate Fortress in Misato Park

花見みさと公園Spring was definitely in the air when we visited Misato Park (みさと公園) in Saitama prefecture last Saturday. Almost under every Sakura tree there was a group having picnic. Since Hanami (花見/cherry blossom viewing) was not the primary aim of this excursion, we hurried off to our destination…

A Pirate Fortress for the Kids!

みさと公園こどもの砦We were here for the Kodomo no Toride (こどもの砦). It is a huge fortress-like playground with part of it shaped like a pirate ship. Similar to an obstacle course, the little champions can work on their athletic skills, agility and balance as they explore the “fortress.” There is also two very long roller slides, which one of them is Fireball’s personal favorite!
Fortress playground
こどものとりでI guess it goes without saying that our little champion had a lot of fun that day!

Other Children Attractions

みさと公園みさと公園There are two smaller playgrounds nearby for younger kids.


A space where battery-operated cars roam (¥100 per ride), situated in between the Children’s Fortress and a barbecue area.

Park Information & Other Attractions

Misato Park Map

Admission Fee

Car Park
Main Parking Area (第1駐車場): 118 car spaces
Second Parking Area (第2駐車場): 214 car spaces
For small & regular cars: ¥200 for first hour / ¥100 for subsequent 30 mins

See access to Misato Park here (Japanese website).

Barbecue area

Misato Park has a designated area for barbecues, which must be booked for a certain fee. Click here for more information (in Japanese).

Viewing Platform (展望台)

Misato ParkThe viewing platform, on a low hill, enabled us to see the faraway Tokyo skytree.

Bird Watching

According to the board below, Misato park is a home to 15 different species of wild birds. We effortlessly spotted two types of birds at the water deck: (1) Karugamo (Anas poecilorhyncha) commonly known as spot-billed ducks, and (2) Yurikamome (Larus ridibundus), black-headed gulls or hooded gulls.bird watching sanctuary There is also a wild bird watching sanctuary at the south end of the park.

Firefly Watching

Firefly watchingA water source where Hotaru (蛍/Fireflies) can be spotted in Summer.

Other Areas

みさと公園菖蒲田A Japanese Iris field (菖蒲田) and a very serene Nature Observation Zone (自然観察ゾーン) also situated in the southern part of the park.

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