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Riding the Swans in Kashiwanoha Park

Last Saturday, we visited Kashiwanoha Park (柏の葉公園). Before Fireball started his Spring term this week, we thought we should do something interesting, like having a “relaxing” Swan Boat ride on the park’s lake.
スワンボートSo for that, we joined a long queue of families at the Boat House (ボートハウス), and waited almost an hour before we could paddle like crazy and steered frantically to avoid fellow-swan riders. The rental of the swan boat was 320 yen for 30 mins. Initially, I thought half an hour would be too short but after a few paddles, I kept looking at the time, wondering why it was passing by so slowly! Oh mine, I am so awfully out of shape! LOL

Boat House Opening Hours:
9:30 am – 4:30 pm (Last ride 4 pm)
Open on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Adventure Fort (冒険のトリデ )

Near Carpark 2, is an athletic playground for the children. It is smaller than Misato Park’s Children Fortress but I doubt it made any difference to Fireball. He enjoyed himself thoroughly. My four-year-old went straight to this part of the playground, which I felt was for older kids.
冒険のトリデIn my opinion, the shinny metal slide was too slippery and the children were going too fast. A lot of the younger ones quickly lost control of their descent and hurt themselves. Fireball managed to do quite well but before I could dismissed my concerns, an older kid fell on top of him. He ended up with a mouthful of dirt. I had to dragged him elsewhere because he refused to go. He enjoyed the exhilarating thrill of that slide too much.
Fireman's PoleAnother area of the Adventure Fort that I was trying keep my four-year-old away from, was the Fireman’s Pole. According to the sign near it, young children must be accompanied by an adult to assist the child down because it is VERY DANGEROUS.

After a short protest, Fireball left the Fireman’s Pole and the shinny slide, and went to other part of the playground that was less stressful for his mummy. ^_^;
Boken no toride
Children playground in Japan

Park Information & Other Attractions


Admission Fee

Park Center Opening Hours:
9 am – 5 pm (Open every day of the year)

Car Park
First Parking Area (第1駐車場):
For those attending tennis/baseball games or stadium events
Second Parking Area (第2駐車場):
For those using the barbecue spaces, dog-land, tea room or community sport center.
Within 4 hours = ¥300 / Over 4 hours = ¥600

See access to Kashiwanoha Park here (Japanese website).

Barbecue Spaces (バーベキュー場)

Overseeing the lake, where we had our swan boat ride, are designated barbecue spaces. They also have a rest house to provide simple meals, barbecue meat and stuffs. Reservation and more information here (Japanese website).Japan Barbecue spaces

Koi & Bird Watching

The lake in front of the Barbecue space has a fenced up area where we can see koi and ducks up close. The water is very shallow there, so many people actually took off their shoes and walked right in. Bird watching spots (野鳥観察所) are also available in the park. (See map for actual locations.)Parks in Japan Birds

Japanese Garden (日本庭園)

The Japanese Garden in Kashiwanoha Park has a tea house (syohakutei/松柏亭) for anyone who is interested to learn tea ceremony. Click here for more information (in Japanese).松柏亭

Rose Garden (西洋庭園・バラ園)

The Rose Garden is free but it was closed. It will only open in Spring (May-June): 9 am to 5 pm & Autumn (October-November): 9 am to 4 pm
バラ園Btw, there were some roses in the Park Centre for our viewing pleasure.

Segway Tour

A 30-min lesson on how to ride a Segway PT (two-wheeler scooter), are conducted at the open space, near the Park Center. Once you master the personal transporter, you can use it to tour around the park for another 30 mins. Class size limit of six riders; Class fee is 1000 yen. Click here for more information (in Japanese).Segway Tour


4 comments on “Riding the Swans in Kashiwanoha Park

  1. Min
    April 18, 2014

    I love swan pedal boats! I hired one in BKK, show the pics to you next time. Or when I ever decide to blog. Whichever comes first. Haha.

    • blackcabbit
      April 19, 2014

      I did not know that pedal boat is so much hard work. Now I think Fireball has to act super cute in order for mummy to change her mind and ride with him again. :P Love to see your blog soon, GET ON IT MAO! hee hee hee

      • Min
        April 19, 2014

        Yah, it is! I had my cousin with me who did all the hard work of pedaling. Hahaha!

        • blackcabbit
          April 19, 2014

          Your cousin is so nice! I was a control freak in the boat. I kept taking away Captain Fireball’s chance to control the steering wheel, in order to prevent our swan boat from becoming a bumper car.

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