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One DIY Christmas Ornament a Month – 06 Pinecone Mice

Christmas tree ornamentsIntroducing Miki & Mini, the mice on a red pinecone, which is my sixth Christmas tree decoration. They are part of my pinecone craft series in Japanese style. Of which, I’d share basic techniques of Chirimen Zaiku (ちりめん細工/Crepe Handicrafts) that I am learning from books. Okay, here is how I make the chirimen pinecone rodents. Step by step, here we go!

Sewing the Mouse

(1) I drew an odd-looking oval shaped pattern on a thick paper. Traced it on a white crepe fabric and added sufficient seam allowance around it before cutting it. (2) Then, I flipped and traced the pattern onto a second piece. (3) On the right side of the fabric, I applied a little glue to attach the tail (which is just a piece of white cord.)  It was to ensure that I did sew the tail between the two pieces of fabric. I also rubbed a bit of glue on the tail’s end to prevent it from fraying.Christmas tree decoration(4) I placed the fabrics together (right sides touching), sewed along the seam on the wrong sides, and left an opening. (5) After I flipped the fabric right sides out, I stuffed in some fillings through the opening. (6) Then, I proceeded to create its facial features. For its nose, I used pink floss. Black beads for its eyes. Golden threads for its whiskers.

Adding the Ears

(1) I made the ears using two types of fabric scraps (fleece and chirimen). Two different colors for each group. (2) I sewed them along the lines, turned it inside out, and attached the ears to the head using craft glue. After the glue dried, I further secured the ears by sewing them to the fabric.Chirimen craft

Finishing Up

Once the head was done, I stitched up the little mouse. And made him a buddy.Chirimen NezumiThen I glued flower designed fabrics (cut out from patterned chirimen) to further decorate the mice.Sew mouse

Painting the Pinecone

My pinecones were baked before I used them for crafts. Here is how I baked my pinecones. I wanted the colors to be vibrant in this project, so I used yellow acrylic as a base paint. Once it was completely dry, I added red acrylic.Pinecone craft

Putting the parts together

(1) Material used: a completely dried red pinecone, red cords for hanging, the two cuties and a gold bell (for a Christmasy touch). (2) The cord/string I used was 25 cm long. Once the bell was attached to the string, I tied a knot at the end, glued it around the pinecone.Christmas Pinecone(3) Then, I glued one of the mouse in between the string. Once it was well secured, I just glued the second mouse next to it. DONE!

Miki & Mini, the two very nice little Pinecone Mice!

Pinecone CraftWhen the cat’s away, the mice will play!

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