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A Marvelous Trip to the “Art Forest”

For our first Natsuyasumi (summer vacation) trip, we brought Fireball and his little sister to Kasama Geijutsu no Mori Park (笠間芸術の森公園) in Ibaraki (茨城県), which has an amazing playground on a hill top, called the Asobi no Mori (あそびの杜). Kasama Geijyutsunomori ParkThe highlight of the playground is its two roller slides, back to back they provide a 160-meter of thrill ride! At the end of the slides, you cannot even see the starting point. We had so much fun.
Roller Slides in JapanThe park management is so thoughtful that they provide rubber pads to cushion our bums! :D The only downside was climbing up the steep hills.
The playground also has other structures designed to accommodate children of all ages, and to entertain them for hours. Asobi no Mori

Strolling Through the Art Path

After the kids had their fair share of fun, it was time to walk around the park. The park has a great mix of nature and interesting sculptures. Even the playground itself, has numerous artworks that blend in beautifully with its structures.Ibaraki KasamaOne area in the park that allowed us to hike and observe art in nature, is the Tounomori (陶の杜) aka. “Forest of Magician Clay.” 29 artists came together to create 17 artworks, which were placed strategically along a 2-km hilly path for a great trekking experience. It was like walking into an enchanted forest.Tounomori Forest of Magician Clay

Park Information & Other Attractions

Ibaraki ParkClick on the picture to see enlarged image of the map, which I scanned from the official brochure.

Admission Fee

Park Center Opening Hours:
8:30 am – 5 pm (7 pm in Summer)

Car Park

See access to Kasama Geijutsu no Mori Park here (Japanese website).


The beautiful park includes an open-air stage for outdoor concerts. Isn’t this a great view!野外ステージ

Craft Hills Kasama (笠間工芸の丘/KASAMAクラフトヒルズ)

At the Central Plaza, there is gift shop and cafe, as well as galleries of ceramic artworks for display or for purchase. There is an outdoor traditional kiln nearby that bakes ceramics once a year for about a week. Of which, the wood ash from this type of kiln has a special effect on ceramic glaze.Kasama CeramicVisitors can also join various pottery classes. From painting pottery to trying their hand at throwing pots with the instructors’ help. Please visit its official website for more information.

Ibaraki Industrial Technology Institute & Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

The Ibaraki Industrial Technology Institute (茨城県工業技術技術センター) is a place where researchers use state-of-the-art facilities to develop new ceramic technology. It was closed on the weekends and public holidays, so we did not get in. What a pity!Ibaraki Ceramic Art MuseumTo know what exhibitions are held at the Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, please visit its official website for more information.

Helicopter Rides

We were pleasantly surprised that helicopter rides was available at the park. Unfortunately, it was a little pricey for us. Maybe next time! :DIbaraki Kasama

Two Famous Annual Events

(1) Himatsuri (Pottery Festival): April 29th- May 5th
Please visit its official website for more information.

(2) Takumi no Matsuri (匠のまつり/Crafts Festival): Early November


4 comments on “A Marvelous Trip to the “Art Forest”

  1. Min
    July 27, 2014

    That slide looks amaaaziing! Want to go on it too!

    • blackcabbit
      July 31, 2014

      COME! :D

      • Min
        August 4, 2014

        I’m surprised there wasn’t a long queue to go on it…or was there?

        • blackcabbit
          August 4, 2014

          There was! We reached very early so there were only a few kids. But the place quickly became crowded about an hour later (since we went on a public holiday). Our friends went there the next day, no crowd but the weather was too hot, the slide was too heated up for comfort. I think going there in Spring & Autumn may be a better choice.

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