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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

DIY Hand Painted Mugs

Ikea MugI have 12 Ikea’s UNGDOM mugs, which I serve my guests with warm drinks. I always wanted to personalize these mugs with doodles to help my friends to distinguish the cup they are using. Since this friday, I am going to have a big group of Mama-Tomo (ママ友 / Mummy-buddies), mothers of Fireball’s classmates from his previous kindergarten, at my place for lunch party. So, it is definitely high on my to-do list.

I first came across a few examples of Sharpie DIY mugs, and thought of doing the same thing. So, I went to the nearest art store (Joyful-2 at Chiba Newtown) to look for the markers. All I could find was PEBEO (imported brand) and Raku Yaki (Japanese brand). Marker pen-type for both brands were not available. In the end, I bought the Rakuyaki Paint.DIY Mug PaintAfter washing the cups with soap, rinsing and drying them, I directly sketched on the surface with pencil. (Important note from the packaging: Do not draw too near to the rim, to avoid touching our lips or drinks with the paint.)

The UNGDOM mugs with line-designed have very limited “canvas” space so it was easier for me to use words instead of drawings. Ceramic paint mugI have more fun doodling on the dot-designed UNGDOM mugs instead. The amount of Rakuyaki Paint used was surprisingly little. I only used less than a third of the amount I squeezed out. The ink is supposed to dry out fast, so I have to work quickly. It kinda of made me nervous… oh-no, shaky hands!

Baking Time!

I placed the mugs on a cookie sheet, and spaced them out carefully, to prevent them from touching one another. Following the instruction, I baked them at 230*C for 20 minutes (for microwave oven). I left them in the oven to cool for an hour. Then, out of the oven and cool down completely before I gently hand-washed them with a sponge. Bake Hand painted mug

Baked Cutie Animal Mugs!

Initially, I was upset that I was unable to find the markers. Now, I am actually glad that I got the paint instead. Because, I grew pretty fond of the brush strokes. Very childlike! LOLDIY Painted Mug


Overall, the ink looked the same before and after baking. It does not come off with gentle hand-washing (using the soft side of the sponge). It also survived the dishwasher. But when I viciously scrubbed hard with the rough part of the sponge, I managed to scrape off the paint. YIKES! I guess it will require a lot of TLC when I wash my mugs from now onward.

Dishwasher – OK
Soft Sponge – OK
Rough Sponge – NOMug Painting



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