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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

Undokai – A Glimpse of Hope for Us

Since the beginning of this year, Fireball has been attending a new Kindergarten. In many ways, Kitaoka Youchien (北丘幼稚園) is a better fit for him than his previous school. It’s strict and well-constructed routines have been comforting for our five-year-old. He feels secure in a consistent classroom because he knows what to expect each day. As a result, he is relaxed, focused and eager to participate in class activities.

Last Saturday, it was Kitaoka Kindergarten’s 40th Undokai (運動会/Sports Day). In this event, we could see our son’s progress by leaps and bounds. Just 10 months ago, he was running in and out of his class, a lost cause according to his ex-teachers. We did not believe that and decided to remove him from such people of negative influences.

In this Undokai, together with his new classmates, they did a lot of amazing Sports Day’s related sequences as a class. For their dance performance, they tie-dyed their t-shirts into vibrant group colors. They learnt various musical instruments and performed 4 familiar melodies for us. They did Kumi Taiso (組み体操 / coordinated group gymnastics) and wowed us with impressive display of acrobatics. Everyone did their best for their class relay race. Sports Day in JapanLast but not least, Fireball (along with eight other classmates) was selected to make a speech and he did amazingly well. Coming from a child who is in Speech Therapy, has made this extremely significant for us. We were moved to tears!

Family-Oriented Sports Day Events

Quite a number of events in Kitaoka Kindergarten’s Sports Day involved the kids’ family members. Fathers piggybacked their kids as they tried to put as many “water” pom-poms into “Burning Buildings” that are actually boxes. Or, as they tried to put as many balls into their teacher’s basket. Or, as they tried to snatch color caps from other teams. Sport DayThere were running competition for the older siblings, an entertaining relay race for the fathers, as well as for the little ones. Thankfully, mothers had the easier role, I just need to run a really short distance with Twinkle-Bell. She got a drawing blocks and origami papers just for participating. We had a really great time!

Everyone’s a winner!

Fireball and his school mates all received a hola hoop and a “GOLD” medal as Sports Day gifts. In our eyes, he truly deserved a gold medal. We are so proud of him. ♡Kindergarten Sports Day

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