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Plastic Bag Tutus Made the Best Last-Minute Costumes

We decided to bring our kids to our church’s costume party just a day before the event. It was so last minute, I did not have time to shop for costumes. I looked around the house, desperately looking for ideas and then I spotted my son’s wolf mask. He made it with his kindergarten teacher for their play last Christmas.

Wonderful! This year, Twinkle-bell and Fireball will dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and her Big Brother Wolf.DIY Little Red Riding Hood

I rummaged through my closet of craft materials and was surprised that there was NOTHING I could used. Then, a light bulb went off in my head. AHA! I have a lot of plastic bags. I remembered seeing tutorials for DIY tutu dress. Instead of using tulle fabric, I was sure I could do something similar with my stash of plastic bags. After researching a few tutorials online, made a few mistakes… here’s how I made my little girl’s dress…Tutu dress plastic bag

DIY a Tutu Dress with Plastic Bags

I cut my plastic bags this way to get long strips.DIY Tutu Dress

I used a long ribbon, marked my girl’s waistline on it, attached the ends to the chairs, and began tying the plastic strips on the ribbon. To do so, I folded a strip into half, created a loop, went over the ribbon, and put the loose ends through the loop, pulled to create a knot.Last minute costume

I attached white embroidery threads around the dress that Twinkle-Bell was going to wear, in order to tie the tutu temporarily to it. Red dress

The Red Hood

Then, I made the head gear for Twinkle-bell using a gift bag from last Christmas. It was a little too big for her so it required a lot of adjustments but it did seem to work pretty fine.The Red Hood

Time to dress up Brother Wolf

I made another tutu using dark blue and grayish plastic bags to complete Fireball’s costume. The bags I used were slightly bigger than the ones I used for Twinkle-Bell.Wolf Costume

Wow, I made two sets of costumes that cost me nothing, and the smiles on my kids’ faces are priceless! We had a really good time at the party. Everyone was so creative. I am so looking forward to next year’s party.

Have a fantastic Autumn!


4 comments on “Plastic Bag Tutus Made the Best Last-Minute Costumes

  1. WendyBakes
    November 3, 2015

    Great way to recycle as well!

    • blackcabbit
      November 4, 2015

      Yah, otherwise my stash of plastic bags is taking up too much space! LOL

  2. Tammy Twinkle
    November 1, 2015

    Very clever!

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