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DIY a Christmas Tree Star Topper

This year, we finally bought a Christmas tree and I was able to hang all the 12 Christmas ornaments I made last year.

Pinecone Porcupine Pinecone Dolly Pinecone Bunny Pinecone Monkey Pinecone Tako Pinecone Mice Pinecone Flower & Butterfly Pinecone Goldfish Pinecone Birdie Pinecone Owl Pinecone Snowman Pinecone Reindeer

Even with other decorations and blinking lights in place, the tree looked kind of incomplete. So I decided to make a star topper to complete it. I collected some twigs when we visited the “Moomin Valley” at Akebono Kodomo-no-Mori Park (あけぼのこどもの森公園) last Sunday.

Preparing Twigs for Craft

I am always paranoid about bugs residing in natural materials, so whenever I bring home any stuffs from the great outdoor, I’d annihilate the evil tiny hitchhikers the minute I reached home. Similar to how I prepared my pinecones for craft, I gave the twigs a good rinse and then baked them at 150°C for one and a half hour (a little overkill LOL).Wood for craftActually, I have collected more twigs than I needed. For this project, I only needed five. :P

Other Materials Needed

I got most of my materials from 100-Yen stores: a pruning shears, a glue gun, some glue sticks, “gold” colored aluminum flexible wire and a roll of linen thread. I also used some white glue, paper and pencil.Christmas wood craft

This is how I DIY a Christmas tree star topper:

(1) By sketching a star on paper, I was able to gauge what size I wanted the star ornament to be. Then I used the sketch as my working pattern and cut the twigs accordingly. (2) These are the points I used the glue gun on. (3) Once the twigs were firmly attached to one another, I twined linen threads to their ends, using white glue to secured the threads to the wood. (4) I wound a few loops of flexible wire on the top branch just to make sure that the star will sit snugly on the tip of the tree. (5) I needed the wire to be the same length as the red indicator on the star, the part of which I’d attached linen thread on it. Then, I tucked in and glued the wire end to the star.DIY Christmas Tree Star TopperFor its final look, I made a few more twirls of linen threads round the star, so that it’d help to hold the LED lights snugly in place.

Our Perfect Christmas Tree!

DIY Christmas Tree topper


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