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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

The Kids’ Kimono Debut for Shichi-Go-San

Last month, we went to Studio Mario to let the professionals photograph our children for Shichigosan (七五三 / lit. 7, 5, 3).  It is a Japanese event that celebrates the growth and well-being of young children. The children of particular ages will dress up in certain traditional costume. 7-year-old girls will wear the obi belt for the first time over their colorful kimono. 5-year-old boys will wear lavishly decorated haori (formal coat) with matching kimono and hakama (men’s formal divided skirt). 3-year-old girls will adorn hifu (被布/vest-like padded coat) on top of their kimono that are secured with simple cords.

ShichigosanIn the above photo, you can see Fireball holding a bag of Chitose Ame (千歳飴/thousand year candy). The traditional Shichigosan goodies are long candy sticks in pink and white.

Shichigosan Candy

Last November, Fireball’s kindergarten gave out the longevity candies to all the children. The kids made their own paper bag to put the sweets in.

The usual practice for Japanese families is that they will observe the Shichigosan custom by visiting the shinto shrines on 15 November (or closest weekends to the date), to have the priest perform purification rite and recite shinto prayers for their children. For our family, we prefer to spend the time in the photo studio. We did not go in November. Instead, we booked the studio only after Twinkle-bell turned three and Fireball was still within the age of five. (We were trying to kill two birds with one stone and hopefully saved tons of money. :P) We invited my husband’s family to join us for the photo session. And we all wore our kimono to fit in with the kids.

Apparently, we did not have a peachy time. Fireball was uncontrollable, he was like a bull in a china shop, touching everything that he was not supposed to. Twinkle-bell refused to wear her kimono set because she preferred the modern princess dresses. She was removing her kimono and hair pieces as fast as the staffs and I were putting them back on. My patience was wearing really thin, and my kimono was loosening. Good thing, my MIL was there to redress me LOL.

We spent a lot of money on the family album. Of which, Fireball was making faces, and a tearful Twinkle-bell was without any proper footwear. What a day! Hopefully, when Twinkle-bell turns seven, she will not resist the beautiful kimono (well, I’ll keep my finger crossed). :P

Shichigosan EtegamiAn Etegami (Picture Postcard)
I did for “Shichigosan.”
Message: Our Chaotic Shichigosan!


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