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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

A Simple DIY Cover for A Bosai-Zukin

When his school breaks for summer vacation, Fireball (my 6-year-old) brought home his Bosai-Zukin (防災頭巾)) for wash. I was horrified. The Disaster Protective Hood was filthy and we bought it for him just four months ago! Even after wash, I couldn’t get rid of the dirty stains.Protective HoodThe heavy-quilted hoods are often used because Elementary schools in Japan regularly scheduled for earthquake or other emergency drills, plus they double up as seat cushions in class. But I have no idea what Fireball had done with it. At this rate, I knew I had to make a cover to “protect” the protective hood.

So I got two pieces of 45×100 cm fabrics; one patterned (from Daiso) and one plain blue. (1) I placed the right sides facing each other and sewed the edges. I left an opening about 15 cm. I clipped off the corners to reduce bulk. (2) When the fabric is flipped inside out, I sewed the edge again. This closed up the opening. (3) I remembered I had some name labels left over from my previous project, so I tucked one in before sewing up the opening completely.Bosai Zukin Cover

(4) I placed the hood on the inside part of the fabric, so that I’d know how much to fold in. Then, I sewed a long strip of velcro to the bottom edge. Next, I secured the fold by sewing it. (5) I added shorter pieces of velcro to the top right as well as between the loop of the hood. (6) One side of the cover remained open.Hood cover

That’s it! The simple cover is done. Since I am using velcro, Fireball can easily remove and put back the cover on his own. During emergencies, he can just slip in his head through the opening to wear the headgear and then rip-away the cover. When it is unused, Fireball can loop the hoop of the hood over the back of his class chair. (Quite a tongue-twister there LOL). I just hope this cover will last…. (keeping my finger crossed!) :PBosai Zukin Cover



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