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Teaching Parts of the Face and Emotions

I came across Mr. Printables’ DIY toy with changing faces and immediately loved it. It would be a fabulous idea to use that to teach my class on parts of the face! Plus, Mr. P is so generous to even provide their Make-A-Face Template on their website for free! However, I remembered I had a Fukuwarai (福笑) poster somewhere at home for years. It was a free brochure, which I got from some tourist place (I cannot remember where :/). So I wanted to put it to good use.Parts of faceI made my own parts of the face. If you like to use it for your own personal use, you can download the free printable PDF (A4) here.

I cut out the face and the parts I needed from the brochure. Laminated them with the rest. Followed some of Mr. Printables’ instructions. For example, I added fasteners, glued the rosy cheeks and tear-drops onto card paper and tied them to the face with threads.DIY Face toyI will be using the face toy on my whiteboard. In order to prevent any scratches, I added a piece of construction paper at the back before adding the magnets.

The children were totally amused when they saw the face last week. They had a great time learning the parts of the face. And of course when I taught them, “I have a nose…,” they all burst into Pikotaro’s viral hit PPAP song. I have a pen, I have an apple… LOLTeaching parts of the face

I will be teaching the kids emotions in the following weeks. I can imagined the class going pretty wild. Well, I am looking forward to it!Teach emotionsChanging face toy


2 comments on “Teaching Parts of the Face and Emotions

  1. WendyBakes
    December 14, 2016

    You found the fasteners! Haha!

    • blackcabbit
      December 15, 2016

      Yalor, I was so happy to find a box of it in a home center ^_^Y

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