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Blackcabbit (aka. Dionnie Takahashi) is an illustrator living in Japan. She loves drawing whimsical animal characters, as well as doing handmade crafts to beautify the world she lives in.

Japanese Traditional Crafts – Kimekomi

The last few days of 2016 , I was rushing to complete a New-Year-themed DIY Chirimen kit. I managed to finished the hanging decoration on Omisoka. I love it! Most part of it is similar to the Oshie kit I undertook four years ago. (Wow, time flies!) Except this one tackled the craft of Kimekomi (木目込み) as well. Kimekomi is a technique of tucking the edges of paper or fabric scraps into grooves of the artwork, which can be in foam or soft wood.KimekomiAs a beginner, my first piece was not easy to tuck into the groove of the foam board. I did not have the proper tool (i.e. tucking spatula), so I improvised. I widen my old forceps and used one side to tuck in the fabric but I didn’t know how deep I can go. Thankfully, I did not do any major damage and having a foam board with a sticky surface sure was a big help.

Once the background was covered, I worked with higher dimensions by adding smaller foam parts to the board. This sure sharpened my kimekome skill. :PKimekomi for beginners

After the kimekomi parts were done, the techniques used to do the rest of the details and finishings were similar to the one used in the Oshie kit or other Chirimen crafts.Japanese New Year CraftsI really love it but too bad I had to take it down because it’s time to hang up the Chinese New Year decorations! Busy, busy me! Stay tune, coz I am going to share next how I DIY a CNY hanging display (with a step by step tutorial) in chirimen-style!


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