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Meeting Hello Kitty in Seibuen Amusement Park

I am pretty sure that spring is already here – the start of the dreaded hay fever season. The temperature is still cold (around 10-15*C on average days) but my body had detected the kafun (花粉 / pollen) in the air and it started to go hay-wired! Ah-choo! Anyway, with or without my kafunsho (花粉症), it is time to unleash our kids to the great outdoor! :P Since my husband is a JAF member, he managed to get us one-day passes (with an amazing 70% discount) for Seibuen Yuenchi (西武園ゆうえんち) in Tokorozawa, Saitama prefecture. Despite my endless sneezing, dysfunctional nose and itchy eyes, we had an enjoyable time at the amusement park. It has all sort of rides to keep our 4-year-old, our 6-year-old and our inner child entertained.Seibuen amusement parkIt was my first time meeting a frog in a carousel LOL! They have interesting vintage-looking animals in the merry-go-round. Very enchanting!

We went on a Saturday but it was not crowded at all. When we arrived at 10 am, we were the first one to check out the 80-meter rotating observation deck. The views were spectacular and best of all, we caught a glimpse of Fuji-San .♡Seibuen Yuenchi

We all had a great time but I’m sure Twinkle-bell enjoyed the most because of the Hello Kitty Land, aka. Meruhen Town (ハローキティ・メルヘンタウン). I dislike thrill rides very much so I usually avoid them but I was deceived by the innocent looking Hello Kitty Angel Coaster. It was nothing ANGELIC about it, I was so freaked out that I screamed louder than my four-year-old! :P

The spacious amusement park has a lot of seasonal attractions. For instance, its water park opens in summer; fireworks in August; illumination in autumn and winter; snow park in winter; sakura-viewing in spring; fishing (October to May), and many more activities.Saitama Amusement ParkOverall, this is a great place and we will definitely visit again. However, the next time we go, I will pack our own bento because the lunch we had there was not nice and was pricey.

Park Information

Admission Fee
We bought the One-Day Pass, which includes the entrance fee and gave us access to every attraction (except for coin-operated cars or games):

Adults: 3,300 yen
Children: 2,800 yen

Alternatively, you can pay per entrance and per ride.
See Official Price List here.

Park Opening Hours:
Hour varies
(*Please double-check the official website for closing dates and opening hours.)

Car Park
¥1,500 / day (1200 car spaces)

See access on official website (in Japanese).


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