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Hunting for Character Easter Eggs at Tokyo Disneyland

We were given two Disney theme park tickets, which will expire in June. Since we wanted to avoid the crowds during the Golden Week holidays (early this month) as well as the crowds that will go after their sports’ day events, we brought our little ones to Disneyland yesterday. It was a right choice, the weather was cool and cloudy; the crowd was bearable; and Disneyland is still having their Easter Egg Hunt Program.Tokyo DisneyLand EasterApart from the rides and parades, Fireball and Twinkle-Bell enjoyed hunting down Usatama – the main antagonists who were causing “havoc” in the park. Our super egg hunters were later given sticky rewards by the park’s cast members for a job well-done.

Initially, I was having fun because my kids were having fun. It was until 5 pm, when they wanted to join the over-ONE-hour queue for the Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek, I decided to go off on my own for a little adventure… I aimed to hunt down the 50 Disney Characters Easter Eggs that were all over the park, and be back to join my family for our final ride of the day – Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. (Haha, all 50 eggs in slightly over an hour. Obviously I had great faith in my egg-hunting skills!)

So off I went, armed with my treasure map:And yes, I did managed to find them all and made it in time for our blasting ride. WOW, I had so much fun and now I really got to know disneyland so much better. Here were my “captured” eggs:


Mickey Minnie Easter Egg


Disney Character Easter Eggs

Critter Country

Tokyo Easter Egg Hunt


Tokyo Disneyland Easter


Tokyo Disneyland Easter


Disney Character Eggs

The Plaza & Entrance

Disney Easter Tokyo


2 comments on “Hunting for Character Easter Eggs at Tokyo Disneyland

  1. WendyBakes
    May 21, 2017

    Gosh, how fast were you walking to manage to go round the whole place in about an hour? :D

    • blackcabbit
      May 21, 2017

      Haha I must be really fast! LOL! Looks like my recent twice a week power walking is paying off!

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