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Tippy, Our First Dragonfly!

Here is the update on our YAGO (dragonfly nymphs). Meet Tippy, our first dragonfly! (And yes, I named it, and now I have to live with the consequence of an ill-fated attachment.) Tippy morphed into a dragonfly yesterday. I think it’s a HE. morphing dragonfly Naiad

Anyway, he was found struggling in the water in the afternoon. I got him out and noticed his wings had curled and wouldn’t straighten out the way they should. Not sure how or why it happened, but it will definitely affect his flying and so it got me worried for him, for the rest of the day and night.Injured dragonfly

This morning, he is still around. I tried to get him something to eat. The only thing I can find is a tiny spider. Why it has to be a spider, these things freak me out. Anyway, my love for Tippy got me going, I caught the teeny eight-legged bug with a waribashi (disposable chopstick), I tried to feed Tippy with it but instead he kept climbing towards me. Either he is growing fond of me, or I am a cute-tasty-looking-bug to him, or he hates spiders too. :DDragonfly morphingSeriously, if Tippy’s wings remain this way, I doubt he will be able to survive on his own. Gambatte, Tippy! I hope the rest of the Yago will not have this problem. Truly Heart-ache!

Oh, one last update:

Change of Food Choice

The yago did not eat the dry food afterall. Still not wanting to have fresh worms in my fridge, we bought 10 Medaka (Japanese rice fish) from the pet shop as food for the Yago. We tried to find some in the water areas of a park but they were too fast. We couldn’t catch any, so we went home empty-handed and had to spend ¥400 (heart pain)! So far, only two of them were eaten. The rest were enjoying the Yago’s dry food and becoming too big for their intended predators. Worst of all, I am growing rather fond of them too… (sigh)Japanese Rice Fish




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