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Nymphs to Dragonflies

I have some good news and bad news. I will go with the bad news first. In my last update, I mentioned Tippy. His life as a dragonfly was really short-lived, only lasted three days after he morphed. He was grounded because of his defective wings. That morning (22 June) I found him barely alive, he was floating in the water. He must have dropped in because of the strong wind the night before. He was probably in there for quite some time because half of his tail were eaten either by the Medaka (Japanese rice fish) or the remaining nymphs. I put his weathered body on the water hyacinth and let him breathed his last. By noon, he was gone. Fireball and I buried him in our flower container. It was a gloomy day for me. RIP Tippy. (T_T)

On a lighter note… A day after his passing, I noticed another yago (dragonfly nymph) climbing up the water hyacinth. The next day, it was gone. It had successfully flown away, leaving behind its exuviae. So I figured, after the case of Tippy, not seeing or saying goodbye to the dragonfly is a good thing after all. Today, I was cleaning the make-shift pond. I noticed two other yago had followed suit. In the picture below, are you able to see two exuviae?Naiad to DragonflyThere were actually three of them: one on the right; one the left; and one pretty well hidden in the water hyacinth plant.

Now, we just have ONE more little fellow to go. Then, it will be a peaceful home sweet home for the fishes. Of which, three had already became food for the nymphs.


2 comments on “Nymphs to Dragonflies

  1. WendyBakes
    June 26, 2017

    The circle of life! It’s been a compelling saga of the dragonflies. (Didn’t enjoy their nymph stage though…they look way too spidery -_-”)

    • blackcabbit
      June 26, 2017

      Who would have guessed that my life now involved taking care of dragonflies LOL!

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