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Bit by bit, the Blackcabbit crafts its nest of DIY handmade art and illustrates a kingdom of doodle critters to beautify the world she lives in.

An Aviation Adventure

Last week, we brought Fireball and Twinkle-Bell to the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences (航空科学博物館), which is next to Narita Airport. The kids had been to a few train museums, but … Continue reading

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A box of Tasty Silkworm Chocolates

This box of silkworm-looking chocolates is by far the most interesting omiyage  (お土産/ souvenir) I ever received. They are produced by Maruei to commemorate Tomioka Silk Mill (富岡製糸場), a historical silk factory located in … Continue reading

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Teaching Shapes

I had a lot of fun teaching my students shapes. I thought I share with you my methods. I had some light extra-pliablie white clay (Padico Hearty Soft) lying around. … Continue reading

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Ikaho Toy, Doll & Car Museum

Hooray, the kids are back in school! Finally, I can peacefully write about our visit to Ikaho Toy, Doll & Car Museum (伊香保おもちゃと人形 自動車博物館). We went there on the last day of our … Continue reading

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Shibukawa Skyland Park

Just before their summer holiday ends, we brought Fireball and Twinkle-bell to the center of Japan! We went to Shibukawa Skyland Park (渋川スカイランドパーク) in Gunma prefecture, before we checked into one of the … Continue reading

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All Aboard to the Metro Museum!

The kids are having their summer holiday, so we have been bringing them to museums (or somewhere air-conditioned) just to get away from the humidity. During the Obon holidays (お盆休み), we visited the Metro … Continue reading

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A Simple DIY Cover for A Bosai-Zukin

When his school breaks for summer vacation, Fireball (my 6-year-old) brought home his Bosai-Zukin (防災頭巾)) for wash. I was horrified. The Disaster Protective Hood was filthy and we bought it for him just four months … Continue reading

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